Revue: Get Your Thoughts Into People’s Inboxes

Posted on Saturday, December 24th, 2016 by

Revuerevue5 is a new type of newsletter delivery service.

Different than Mailchimp

revue2When it comes to drafting and sending newsletters, there’s one obvious, standout company: Mailchimp. Although Mailchimp has dominated the market in recent years, it’s definitely lacking in certain areas. Creating a newsletter can be tedious, especially if you’re attempting to integrate social accounts or quickly link to articles. Enter Revue. The site offers, essentially, the same service as Mailchimp. But it has perfected certain aspects of newsletter creation that may be more beneficial than Mailchimp for certain business owners. Revue makes you log in with your social account, making it easy to quickly integrate posts or articles that you’ve previously linked.


Free Up To 2,000 Subscribers

revue1It is, admittedly, harder to make a compelling design on Revue. If you opt for the free version (which, like Mailchimp, offers up to 200 subscribers), you’re stuck with Revue’s general template. Customization comes with more premiere versions of the service, with pricing options at either $5 or $25 per month. The $5 version comes with up to 7500 subscribers, a custom domain and custom colors. The $25 version gets you unlimited team members, and up to 10,000 subscribers. Using Revue is intuitive and easy — there’s much less of a learning curve than there is with Mailchimp and other options. There’s already a wide range of companies making use of Revue’s platform — why not make yours next?


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