Air Wander: Find Cheap Flights With Stopovers

Posted on Saturday, December 24th, 2016 by

Air Wanderairwander1 is a flight search engine that prioritizes cheaper flights with stopovers.

Stop and Stay for a While

airwander4Iceland Air often offers deals allowing passengers to “stop over” in Iceland on their way from the United States to continental Europe. It’s an enticing deal, giving people the chance to visit a new country, stay a while, and then move on to their final destination while saving the cash that would normally be spent by flying from country to country like that. There are numerous other stopover deals like that available on the web for savvy travelers. Air Wander is here to make those deals easier to find. The site is an airline search engine with a specific focus: cheap flights, with stopovers that help you discover more of the world.


A More Leisurely Way to Travel

airwander3Air Wander isn’t the best flight search engine for people who want to get to a specific destination as quickly as possible. It’s designed for the more leisurely traveler — the backpacker, the digital nomad, or the adventurous globetrotter with time on his/her hands. Like other flight search engines, all you need to do is enter your points of departure and arrival, as well as your preferred dates. Air Wander automatically searches flight combinations that include stopovers. It even offers previews of destinations along with estimated costs, in case you don’t know exactly where you want to go. Although smart travelers have been booking travel with stopovers in order to save cash for years, Air Wander is finally here to make things easier for all of us.


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