100 Days Without Fear: A Challenge

Posted on Thursday, June 11th, 2015 by

100days5100 Days Without Fear is a blog documenting one woman’s challenge to face a new fear every day.

Watch Michelle Face Her Fears

100days2100 Days Without Fear was created by Michelle Poler, a Venezuelan graduate student at New York’s School of Visual Arts. Upon arriving at her new school in a new city, Michelle realized that she had been living in fear for most of her life. Her apprehensiveness had been holding her back from enjoying herself, so she challenged herself to face those fears and have some awesome experiences. All of the fears are listed in advance on Michelle’s website, and they range from “Watch a scary movie” to “Trust in long-distance love.” She also tries smoking, eating Indian food, and meditating — things that most people wouldn’t be afraid to try.

What Are You Afraid Of?

100days1The relative smallness of Michelle’s challenges are what makes 100 Days Without Fear so great. She films and writes about every challenge with the same excitement — whether it’s handing out flyers on the street or eating insects. Even if the things she’s accomplishing aren’t necessarily scary for most people, her personality and discussion of the event makes it worth watching. The blog is also well-made, with high quality videos of each challenge on every page. As of this posting, Michelle has just completed Day 58. Keep an eye on 100 Days Without Fear to see if she makes it through the rest of her journey. Below watch Michelle completing the scariest challenge of all — spending a day without her phone.

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