Grub With Us: Dine With New Friends

Dinner’s never been more sociable than this…

Here at All My Faves we enjoy the simple pleasures in life: We love our friends, and we love our food. We also love making new friends. And our latest discovery Grub With Us shares our sentiments… It’s a food loving socialite’s delight: You create or join a group meal at your favorite restaurant, and network with potential new friends or business contacts!

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Are you ready for war?


Welcome back, Commander

If you’re a fan of EA’s classic game franchise, Command & Conquer, you’re going to love this Weekly Fave: You can now play completely online without downloading anything, thanks to HTML5.

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Joseph Kony… The World’s Worst Criminal

How a viral video exposed the ultimate war criminal…

With over 75 million hits and counting in just one week, this is possibly the biggest viral campaign in history: A brilliantly made short documentary by film maker Jason Russel, attempting to expose one of the world’s most feared murderers, Joseph Kony.

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