Are you ready for war?

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Welcome back, Commander

If you’re a fan of EA’s classic game franchise, Command & Conquer, you’re going to love this Weekly Fave: You can now play completely online without downloading anything, thanks to HTML5. Tiberium Alliances is the new title, and it enables you to build alliances, empower your base and  build your armies  to crush your enemies with an iron fist and boost yourself through the ranks.

“a perfect place to express your Napoleonic ambitions to rule like Ghenghis Kahn and act Mercilessly like Ming  to destroy and conquer enemy forces.”

Similarly to the previous titles, you have the ability to strategically build your base and armies and if you fancy yourselves as a strategic warlord this is a perfect place to express your Napoleonic ambitions to rule like Ghenghis Kahn acting Mercilessly like Ming to destroy and conquer enemy forces.

How you will become engaged with C&C

the initial game is laid out with instructional training to give the player a fair bit of training before having to take on the world using existing or new found C & C combatant skills which increases over time. According to the producers the player’s income increases exponentially over time, what seems far away at first can actually be reached quicker than one might think. This is due to mission goals and rewards for certain tasks throughout the game.

Here at All My Faves, we are already building our armies and look forward to climb world rankings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to play the online rebirth of a brilliant game and share with all your friends who think they have what it takes to Command & Conquer!

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

                                                                                                                                                                      -Sun Tzu, The art of war

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