Grub With Us: Dine With New Friends

Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 by

Dinner’s never been more sociable than this…

Here at All My Faves we enjoy the simple pleasures in life: We love our friends, and we love our food. We also love making new friends. And our latest discovery Grub With Us shares our sentiments… It’s a food loving socialite’s delight: You create or join a group meal at your favorite restaurant, and network with potential new friends or business contacts!

Now why would you want to do that, sit with a load of random people you don’t know over dinner? Well why wouldn’t you! Whether you’re stuck at home, in the office or traveling around the world you can always depend on Grub With Us for a great spot to eat, a ready-made conversation starter, and the opportunity to meet interesting new people and contacts. But beware, it gets addictive… You might never eat alone again!

As easy as pie!

What’s more, you pre-pay your bill for the meal, so with the click of a button you’ve automatically eliminated the hassle of ordering your food, awkwardly splitting the check, and the potential danger of being cheated by a stranger looking for a free meal. At the meal’s end, you can just swap numbers and leave!

Click here and, well, grub with us!

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