Danish: An Online Architecture And Design Magazine

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danish1DANISH promotes Danish design and architecture internationally.

Design Inspiration From Denmark

danish2Denmark has been home to some of the most talented designers in history. The country continues excelling in the fields of design and architecture, cultivating a distinct style and approach. The Sydney Opera House, for instance, was designed by Denmarks Jørn Utzon. DANISH is an online magazine that promotes lesser known Danish designers and architects to the international community. The site, which was created by the Danish Design and Architecture Initiative (commissioned by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture), promotes a large list of Danish companies through its online platform. The goal is for design enthusiasts from around the world to have a place to learn about Denmark’s contributions to the field.


The Best In Danish Design And Architecture

danish4DANISH touts the fact that Denmark has a design culture, surrounding citizens and tourists with good architecture and design by bringing them into the public space. The magazine explains the importance of Danish design heritage (citing names like Utzon), as well as the young designers bringing the functional art form into the modern age. Articles on the site range from broad recommendations for new Danish designers to more specific case studies of buildings like Aarhus City Hall. Even if you have no professional experience in design or architecture, DANISH offers the opportunity to see how Denmark has improved their cities and the lives of their citizens through those fields. The magazine should serve as inspiration to the rest of the world.


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