Ice & Sky: An Interactive Eco-Documentary

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iceandsky3 Discover the historic life and journey of Antarctic explorer Claude Lorius in Ice & Sky.

The History of Climate Change

iceandsky1Ice & Sky is a forthcoming documentary feature film by Luc Jacquet, director of March of the Penguins. The film profiles Claude Lorius, a scientific explorer of Antarctica. This educational site explores Lorius’s work with interviews, animation, and other behind-the-scenes information. The story is told in six parts, each containing a combination of narrative elements that give the background of Lorius’s life as well as the impact of his studies in Antarctica. Lorius began his journey at the age of 22 and at a time when the continent still remained mostly unexplored. He was one of the initial scientists to visit and study Antarctica, and the information the team learned is still fascinating.


Discover The Amazing Life Of Claude Lorius

iceandsky4By scrolling through the Ice & Sky interactive site, you can explore how Lorius and the rest of the team survived Antarctica’s brutal cold while completing their research. As you discover in the later parts of the series, Lorius continued making journeys to Antartica in order to collect more data about the continent. Their discoveries in the ice helped them retrace past temperatures of Earth, leading to further insight into the effects of climate change. There are also tons of background documents if you want to do some further research on the topics discussed. Otherwise it’s just great to hear Lorius speaking so joyously about his youthful adventures, a theme that’s likely to continue when the feature-length Ice & Sky is released later this year. In the meantime, there’s lots to be learned from this interactive site.


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