Plum District: Hi Moms, We got a Deal for You!

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Plum District provides daily offers moms love. It is By Moms For Moms – a community of mothers sharing deals from local and national merchants for other moms to enjoy.

By Moms For Moms!

Plum District is a daily deal site for savvy moms and their families. The site puts Moms first by connecting them with products and inspirations that make their life easier. The basic assumption of the site’s team (inspired by personal experience…) is that moms are looking to indulge, explore, nest, nibble, play, splurge and give – their goal is to help these Moms, by offering them great values for them and their family. On it you will find discounts on everything from restaurants and spas, to kids and family activities, to hotels and weekend getaways. The site’s team seeks notable local businesses to feature on the site and offer a different deal every day to make your life easier and more enjoyable!

Mother’s Day, Every Day!

The merchants featured on Plum District are willing to offer limited-time promotions because of the traffic the site provides them with so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. To encourage you to use this site, Plum District provides you with Plum Dollar, which are credits that can be used toward your Plum Deal purchases.

The easiest way to earn Plum Dollars is to refer Plum Deals to your friends, when your friends purchase their first Plum Deal, you will receive $5 Plum Dollars to use toward your next Plum Deal purchase. Whenever you purchase a Plum Deal, you have the option to apply your Plum Dollars to your purchase. Also there is the ‘Three for Free’ referral program that enables you to get certain deals for free! As a father of three who is married to a certified SuperMom, I know you girls deserve all the respect the world can give you. Go and have some fun, on Plum District it’s always Mother’s Day!

Hi Moms, did you know that we made a Mommies HomePage just for You?

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