Posse: Share and Discover the Best Places on Earth

Posted on Monday, March 18th, 2013 by

Posse helps you find all the best places in the world according to people whose tastes you can trust: your friends. Whether you’re in a new city or just hanging out in your own neighborhood, you’ll know exactly where to go for the best of everything.

Get by with a Little Help from your Friends…

Posse is actually a social search engine. You tell Posse what you want, like ‘great coffee’, ‘brunch’, ‘salon’ or ‘gym’, anywhere in the world and you’ll get recommendations from your Posse. Your main Posse page is filled with the very awesome streets of your friends, their friends and some local experts Posse found especially for you. You can click on the buildings to look inside, find out more info and leave comments. To start with, you get two Posse streets that you can choose a theme for. It can be anything, your favorite bars in New York, hotels you’ve always wanted to try or even wedding suppliers. You’ll be able to add a total of eight places to each street, but by commenting on your friends’ places, you earn points to get more bonus streets.

How are they Making Money?

Posse has unlocked a transformational shift in how people search – it provides a fun and engaging platform for actual recommendations by friends and friends of friends, rather than a generic site such as Yelp or Google – its about putting personality in search and connecting with people around you, not a nameless algorithm.

Posse is making it’s $ from the businesses who wish to become part of the ‘Posse virtual World’. First he Posse team let businesses know when you’ve added them to your Street, then they ask them to send their logo and a photo of their window so the team can create a hand-drawn depiction of theןr store for Posse. If the small business is willing to pay a small monthly fee though, the illustrated store will look better and the team will email them regular activity reports showing which customers have added them to their streets and what great things they’re saying about the business to friends. Posse will also allow the businesses to thank them by sending virtual Posse cards and real world gifts and by that create a whole new marketing media for them. Try Posse with your friends, for you it’s totally free and the added value is priceless.

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