TastemakerX: Invest in Artists before their Shares Soars…

Posted on Monday, March 18th, 2013 by

TastemakerX is a social gaming app for discovering new music and artists, its a fan powered game that will make you interact with your music in a new and different way.

Encourages you to be the first to discover!

TastemakerX helps you create collections of your favorite artists or discover new ones,while you stay current with your friends and artists. The concept is simple; upon registering you receive 25k of monopoly money 😉 that you can decide where and how to invest. The more popular and known an artist is the more expensive their share will be so you are encouraged to find artists before they break through anonymity and become mainstream, this way you can buy their share for a small amount and your overall value will increase as their share soars and more people buys it.

Wall Street Music!

TastemakerX challenges your taste in music and checks the quality of your snout for sniffing new trends before the bands and artists take off and become all-stars. You are measured by your TScore which represents your success and the quality of your investments, it’s based on the value of your “portfolio” and the other activities you make in the service. TastemakerX provides a refreshing and fun concept to the fast growing trend of gamification sites. It’s available as a web and iPhone app so you can keep yourselves updated constantly if a share drops… Show your friend and the world who knows best about music trends and discover awesome bands before they become cool.


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