Zenamins: Vitamins Re-Designed

Posted on Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 by

zenamins5Zenamins is all about making vitamins easy.

Stop Buying Confusing Pill Bottles

zenamins1Zenamins is a vitamin company for the 21st century. It was created as a result of the frustration of taking different types of vitamins with confusing amounts in each bottle and random expiration dates. To avoid all of those problems, Zenamins sends a customized package of vitamins to your doorstep every month. The majority of its vitamins are softgel, and they arrive in a package with clear instructions as to how many to take each day in order to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit. Because each set of vitamins is organized into small, tearable packets based on what you should take on a daily basis, it’s also easy to rip off a day or two from the sheet if you’re planning on traveling.


Vitamins, Oils, Minerals and More

zenamins4The best part of Zenamins is the level of customization that it allows. You can select from several different types of vitamins, minerals and supplements in order to build a completely personalized pack for yourself. You can add a multivitamin, oil, specific vitamins, minerals, supplements and/or plant extracts. If you want to take Flaxseed oil, Biotin, calcium, and Resverratrol, you can do it all through Zenamins. There are a ton more options for personalization and customization, and if you don’t know exactly what you need you can get help by answering the site’s questionnaire. Zenamins also has a social aspect to its business plan, donating a year’s supply of Vitamin A to malnourished children with each purchase. It’s a bit more expensive than buying regular vitamins — but the fact that you get exactly what you need in an easy-to-use package sent straight to your doorstep makes Zenamins worthwhile.


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