Weekly Faves – October 8

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Do The Green Thing Do The Green Thing – Who said that being green should be a hassle, make it fun. Being green isn’t something new, numerous sites and many articles all talk about the importance of being green. So whats new? Nothing, except for the fact that “Green Thing” is a community that makes it easy and enjoyable being a bit greener but with a smile. Try it. Be Green. Be Nice.

Hooqs Hooqs – Hooqs is a new video site with a mobile touch. With Hooqs, you can create your own channels or browse the site to watch those that have been created by others. If you found a video that you like and would like to have it on your mobile, it is just a click away, enter your cell number and the clip will be sent directly to your mobile. Found a clip your girlfriend will like send it directly to her mobile.

Rememble Rememble – A good friend once asked me “Shachar do you know who cares the most about Shachar except mom and dad.” I answered “Who???” He answered “The person who cares the most about Shachar is Shachar”. Rememble is a site that lets you track your digital life online, send your life by PC or directly from your mobile and share it in a new innovative way, as a timeline. Sounds confusing? It is actually very intuitive, give it a try.

Lingoz Lingoz – Can a user-defined dictionary be done better than Wikipedia’s Wiktionary? I don’t know if better but for sure it looks different. The UI of Wikitionary is a more solid web 1.0 format while Lingoz has a cool web 2.0 UI. As well the definitions result in different definitions, for example lets define the word Love. Wikitonary’s definition of Love is: An intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. Lingoz’s definition of Love is: passionate attraction; fondness, affection; enthusiasm. Your turn, compare and choose your dictionary.

radius im radiusIM – Do you IM? Well I surely do, usually using Meebo. radiusIM is kind of like Meebo, but it is Meebo with a twist, radiusIM is all about Fun and Social community. radiusIM Shows you where your friends are hanging out and lets you surf for other people based on location. Needless to say that it supports all the major networks (without downloading): MSN, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, and GTalk/Jabber.

boing boing BoingBoingTV – BoingBoing is one of the most popular blogs in the world. Which mainly focuses on odd bits from around the Web. BoingBoing has recently launched its own web-based daily tv show which doesn’t fall from the blog. The show is hosted brilliantly by Xeni Jardin and BoingBoing co-creator Mark Frauenfelder. It is worth watching!!!

razoo RazooTheThe once wrote a song called Lonely Planet, the song lyrics talk about you, me and how we can change the world and I am quoting. “If you can’t change the world change yourself, And if you can’t change yourself …Then change the world” Razoo is all about changing the world. Go ahead. Change the world.

sportingo Sportingo – Sportingo is a site where users can write their own match reviews and commentary, and discuss others’ content. It is about fans deciding what are the topical and important stories of the day, fans setting the sport agenda. The only downside of the site is that it mainly covers only popular European sports like football, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, cycling or darts.

ucberkeley UCBerkeley – University of Berkeley is the first University to post full lectures on Youtube. “UC Berkeley on YouTube will provide a public window into university life, academics, events and athletics. Which will build on our rich tradition of open educational content for the larger community” said Christina Maslach, UC Berkeley’s vice provost for undergraduate education in a statement. Be smart. Be academic.

lee crum LeeCrum – Lee Crum is an outstanding photographer, his photos are breath taking. Moreover the experience is delivered in a new innovative way, the site has been designed in great details, it is simply fun and intriguing to browse throughout the site and discover amazing photos.

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