Weekly Faves – October 1

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2007 by

view at Viewat – We all love photos, my personal photo faves are panoramic photos. Panoramic isn’t a regular photo, it is special. Now I have a site that provides me all my panoramic needs. Viewat indexes images uploaded and shared by users. When you first login, you’ll see a world map with markers that show where the photos were taken. Click on a marker for more information, and click on an image to bring up a Flash-based panoramic viewer. This is a great tool for photographers to share their work with world, and for the viewers, an excellent resource of amazing photos.

scenecaster SceneCaster – SceneCaster adds an interesting dimension to your life online. It’s not a virtual world, there are no in-scene avatars. I actually would define it as a “Scene World”, you can build a virtual room and then stock it with furniture and decorations. The great part is that they have recently launched a Facebook application, you can create rooms and share them with your Facebook network of friends. So what are you waiting for – GO BUILD IT (maybe they will come) 🙂

ssupload SSUpload – Heard about a good film? see it for yourself on your computer. SSupload searches major video sites (YouTube, Google Video, Stage6 Divx) and brings you working links to the latest features.

new work NewWork – I love New York. Do you? Sorry, but this site is not about New York. It is all about new work. I LOVE NEW WORK is a mixed creative blog, bringing you “new media” in a clean and simple format. Worth checking.

fuser Fuser – I have 4 different email accounts, it is a drag and time waisting to check them all. Fuser makes your life easier and saves you time. With one login you can read all your mail and social network messages. Don’t be afraid about security issues. Fuser doesn’t store your precious messages. It uses the same security measures put in place by email providers and social networks.

tripit TripIt – You booked an airline ticket, hotel, car rental and front row seats to your favorite Broadway show, Now organize it all – What a mess. TripIt provides a very useful tool, just forward TripIt all your plans and TripIt will organize it for you. Sounds impossible, well check an itinerary example. It is more than overwhelming.

ideablob Ideablob – You always had a dream of building your small business. However, you never had the guts. So now you have 2 choices; 1. Close your browser, open your mind and start making your dream come true. 2. Keep your browser open and play a small business virtual game. Post your ideas for a small business and get feedback from other users. Users can then vote for which idea they like the best and each month the top voted business will be rewarded with $10,000 in seed money. You must promise me that if you win the 10,000$ you will use them towards opening a real small business.

rsizr Rsizr – The market is full of online photo editing applications (WiredNess, Picnik and Phixr). I was amazed by its speed and ease of use in resizing and cropping digital images. The best thing is that resizing an image using this application is done without making it look all distorted.

tunesquare TuneSquare – TuneSquare is a new type of online music community where unsigned bands and artists are making money while listeners around the world are downloading their songs for free.
By downloading songs from TuneSquare, you get to discover new and exciting music from great unsigned acts, while you, at the same time, are supporting them economically.

vector tower defense Vector Tower Defense The aim of the game is to eliminate the Vectoid threat before they reach the end of the path. You do this by constructing towers along the path to attack oncoming Vectoids. Success is not based solely on the types of tower you select, but where you place them and what upgrade and bonus options you take.

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