Deal Alert: FREE Kingston 1GB USB Flash Drive (Free Shipping)

Posted on Saturday, October 20th, 2007 by

Here is a great deal that I wanted to share with you dedicated readers. (If you are not yet one of our dedicated readers make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed)

One of my favorite newsletter is the one from You can truly find some amazing deals on it.

Only recently I bought myself a Kingston 2GB DataTraveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive for only $16.95 (with Google checkout it comes down to $6.95). Today, my girlfriend asked me to buy her one as well. So I made my way back to While browsing around the site I came across an even better deal.

Kingston 1GB Data Traveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive for only $10.00 (again, with Google checkout it comes down to $00.00!). At this point you are probably asking yourself “where’s the catch?”. Well, there is no catch, shipping is free (available only in the US), Gmail account you probably already have (and if not, it takes only 2 min to sign up). The only thing that I had to pay was a tax fee of $0.72. That’s it.

Decide quick because on the product page it says that there are very few left in stock. You can never have to much memory.


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