Weekly Faves – September 24

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2007 by

Mango logo Mango – The most promising language tutorial site. The site is very interactive, as you can click words to hear them repeated. There are lesson courses for a range of languages, offering Spanish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Mandarin. It’s all for free.

Propoller Logo Propeller – From the creators of Netscape a social news portal programmed by you—the audience! Its kinda like digg, maybe even better, but that is for you to decide.

Spiral Logo Spiral Frog – Download songs legally and free, from a number of labels (Universal seems to be the biggest backer at the moment) with a potential catalog of 700,000+ tracks. What is the catch? Well there is always a catch, users are required to view advertisements while each track is downloading. It is worth the try.

Mint logo Mint – Today you can handle all of your financial transactions online (Bank account, credit card, student loan, bills etc.) however in order to do so you have to visit and login to each one of them. This is a drag and as well doesn’t allow you to see the big picture of your financial status. Mint is a one-stop shop, access all your accounts from one page. In addition Mint will remind you of bills to pay and how to save money. My mother used to tell me “Money, Money, Money ….. Control it wisely”. Mint won the Techcrunch40 award. – so I assume not only my mom thinks money should be controlled wisely 🙂

Celebtv Logo CelebTv – If you like gossip, this is a great resource for the latest updates about your favorite Celebs.

ThisNext Logo ThisNext – Like Shopping? Social Networking? Try Social Shopping. Every product on ThisNext is picked by the community (That means you!) , guarantees that the recommended products are not affiliated, and are true real recommendations. A great way to shop and discover new products.

Current Logo Current – Conceived by Al Gore. Aims to rival controlled media channels like Fox and CNN by using journalists not attached to said media channels. A lot of the programs are ‘amateur’ but very good nonetheless. Quality stuff and about time.

Minti Logo Minti – We all make mistakes as parents, and we will keep on doing them, here is a tool that might help us make less mistakes. Learn from other parents experience, Minti is powered by parents for parents.

Mig33 Logo Mig33 – The first global mobile community, bringing the power of the Internet to your mobile phone. Simply download the application onto your mobile phone, and you’ll be connected to everyone around the world through the most popular online services. So you can IM, visit chat rooms, send email, share photos, SMS and of course make cheap calls—all from your mobile phone.

ThinkMtv Logo ThinkMTV – MTV has launched Think to give young people everywhere the opportunity to make your life, your community and your world better. Find and meet other activists who share your world-changing passions.

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