We Are Brightly: Rugby

Posted on Monday, September 5th, 2016 by

We Are Brightly: RugbyFor decades, music artists try to keep up with each other when it comes to making a music video. We Are Brightly: Rugby is a different type of music video.

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We Are Brightly: RugbyBrightly has a new LP out, and Rugby is one of the songs featured. Instead of a traditional music video being produced with a visual story being created, Rugby got a bit of a different treatment. Going in a different music video direction, the whole video is filled with GIPHs. As the song plays, Rugby features GIPHs from across the internet that fit with what word are being sung. The song is a story that makes sense, but the GIPHs are random but fit the words. One image will represent the word “love”, but something completely different can represent the word “life”. The GIPHs in Rugby won’t be the same for everybody though. Rugby is matched in real time, so every experience is different. Rugby‘s music video is a bit different than what we may normally be used to, but definitely worth the experience.

We Are Brightly: Rugby

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