SPACE: Celebrating Space Exploration & Discovery

Posted on Sunday, September 4th, 2016 by

SPACESpace is a pretty big place, and everyday there is something new being discovered. SPACE has all the information you could possibly need to keep up!

The Final Frontier

SPACESpace is a pretty big place and if you aren’t keeping up with what’s happening in the Universe, you’ll miss out on a lot. SPACE is a news site dedicated to space and keeping everyone updated on the latest science, technology and astronomy news. SPACE is also constantly chronicling and celebrating humanity’s ongoing expansion and discovery across the final frontier. While most of the information about Space isn’t the easiest information to digest, SPACE aims to make the information accessible and comprehensive. The site is filled with news, technology, spaceflight, search for life, skywatching and so much more! Whatever your interest in Space is, SPACE has it covered. Even though the majority of the world can’t be up in Space (at least not yet), SPACE keeps everyone connected to the exciting world of Outer Space.


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