The Daily Water Cooler: Morning News Made Better

Posted on Monday, September 5th, 2016 by

The Daily Water Cooler Waking up every morning to the news and notifications can be a bit overwhelming. Wake up to The Daily Water Cooler and make getting out of bed the hardest part.

Morning News Made Better

The Daily Water CoolerWhen we’re awake during the day (and sometimes at night), it’s easy to keep up with the news around us. But while we sleep, the rest of the world keeps moving. Waking up to an overload of news, kind of makes you want to skip it all together. Thanks to The Daily Water Cooler, morning news just got a lot better. The DWC is an email newsletter that is written every weekday morning by an actual person. It’s meant to keep you informed about relevant news, not every single event that takes place overnight. Each newsletter isn’t super long either, long enough to show what you need, but short enough that you don’t get bored. Watching the news doesn’t always give you enough information and reading about everything can be more than needed, so let The Daily Water Cooler curate the news for you.

The Daily Water Cooler

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