We all live in a Material World, so be a Material Girl!

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 by

Material World is an online community of creative fashion forward divas showing off their closets, selling their clothes, and buying items from other trend setters.

Glimpse through the closets of trend setters from all around the world!

Material Wrld has taken window shopping to a whole new level, allowing fashionistas to glimpse through the closets of trend setters and purchase goodies at a simple click. With over 5,000 members and 50 approved closets, Material Wrld is quickly becoming the in crowd’s place to go. Founders are “hoping to control quality, [by] reviewing each closet before they are open to shoppers.” Their goal is to reach 5,000 closets by the end of the year, could yours be one?

Get compliment on your fashion, buy new clothes, and sell your best pieces!

Material Wrld was founded with a global vision to create the most personalized shopping experience to revolutionize the way fashion enthusiasts shop and sell fashion.” Login with Facebook or twitter and create an account with your info and sizes. Browse their closets to purchase the things you love, upload your own fashion to get compliments and discussion about different pieces, and list anything you want to sell with your preferred shipping method. Material Wrld will only charge a 15% transaction fee and you will be able to sell your best warn pieces.

Fan favorite?

The only problem Material Wrld might run into is keeping up appearances, they need  a huge number of fans to stay afloat. After all, what is a fashion community without the trend setters?


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