50 Watts: 50 Shades of Illustrations and Literature

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If you find literature and stories to be pieces of art, peruse through 50 Watts, a unique take on showing stories of yesteryear to children and readers of today. Share the photos with your children or just sit back and enjoy a different take on your favorite stories of the past.

Taking you into a magical world of literature

Blogger Will Schofield takes you into his magical world of literature, design, and art with his beautiful blog 50 Watts. Schofield has a knack for showing off eastern European and Asian novelties. The books can range from contemporary drawings, novels on artists, and odd children’s books.

 50 Watts: A blog for unique features on age old books

If you’re a collector of unique editions of books or you are still in need of a Christmas present for your bookworm friend, visit the 50 Watts blog for unique features on age old books. While he is not selling the books, he is presenting them in a way that a place like Amazon or Barnes and Noble wouldn’t be able to. If you’re a culture buff viewing the book covers and description can give you a glimpse into the world at that time.

Scroll through images of best sellers in other countries. JD Salinger’s book The Catcher in the Rye has a completely different cover in Poland. Navigate through the blog by genre or location, ranging from Argentina to Ukraine.

50 Watts is a unique way to see stories that we grew up reading starting at old age fables to high school book reports.  See what stories you loved with pictures from another country and another time period today.

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