Vitrima Lens: World’s FIRST 3D GoPro Camera Lens

Posted on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 by

Vitrima Capturing an event or moment through video is great, it helps recreate a moment in time. But normal video doesn’t always do it justice. Vitrima Lens is changing video to let you live in 3D.

Feels Like You’re There

VitrimaA picture is worth 1,000 words, but how many is a video worth? Thanks to video, we can re-live moments and share them with those who weren’t there. But a regular video can only do so much. Vitrima is the world’s first 3D GoPro camera lens. Vitrima is taking recording video to a whole new level. Vitrima uses mirrors to create two different images for your left and right eyes. When you watch the video after, your brain puts two images together to create the 3D experience. Besides creating really cool videos, it’s easy to use. The lens attaches to a standard GoPro camera and connect to any of your mounts. It’s just as waterproof as your original GoPro and it’s portable too. There is no software, just attach and start filming. Vitrima takes video to the next level and when you use it, you’re not just recording a video, but the experience.

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