Game of the Week: Mr. Timan

Posted on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 by

Mr. TimanThere is pretty much only a few moves to play in Mr. Timan, but are those moves always the right decision? Find out when you play.

A Different Kind of Adventure

Mr. TimanIn Mr. Timan, you play as him and you’re a new employee in Time Company. Your only job in the game is to press the red button. But as you go through the game and learn, pressing the red button may not be the best idea. As Mr. Timan, if you choose to push the red button, your entire life is about to change as you leap forth in time to undo the evil before it’s too late. As you jump through time, don’t be distracted because you have a job to do. When you play Mr. Timan, you work in one place but there are two times and on each level you face a new set of challenges.

Mr. Timan

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