IFLScience: The Lighter Side of Science

Posted on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 by

IFLScienceScience isn’t always the most exciting or interesting topic to many, but what if it could be funny? Check out IFLScience!

I Freaking Love Science!

IFLScienceScience isn’t everyone’s favorite subject, and doesn’t capture most people’s attention. But sometimes science can be pretty cool! IFLScience is here for the science, bring it to everyone in a way that more can enjoy it. IFLScience (I Freaking Love Science) is bringing out the funny side of science. With quotes, jokes, memes and anything that is awesome and weird, IFLScience has it covered. IFLScience wants everyone to enjoy science as much as they do, so providing it in an amusing and accessible way makes it possible. The site covers a variety of topics and relating it to science, providing something for everyone and their interests. Their social media pages are great too! Science doesn’t have to be boring and hard to understand, IFLScience is putting the funny in and taking the boring out!


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