Video 1 SECOND of EVERY DAY to Create a Timeline of your Life

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Take 1 second from every day of your life and stitch it together in a virtual timeline. 1 Second Every Day is an app that lets you chose 1 second of video footage from your smart phone and post it to a calendar to never forget the important moments of your life.

Every second has a story

“For almost 2 years I’ve been recording 1 Second Every Day so I’ll never forget a day every again.” says creator  Cesar Kuriyama. “This project has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life, that I’ve passionately developed an App that will make it extraordinarily easy for anyone to do this too.”

I understand Kuriyama’s passion towards the project. I started using the app last week when I found out that I was to review it and have been amazed to see how many moments I completely forget about in a day. It really is the little things: the smiles and embarrassing moments, that make days unforgettable. My phone now reminds me three times a day to take a video for 1 second, and I ever so obediently, take those three videos. Like the video shows, taking these videos and picking the moments are easy as pie! I’m a lazy person, so if it were at all hard, I’d get annoyed and stop using, but so far, so good!

Yesterday my three videos included a coffee date with a friend, an adorable cat perched outside my window, and my boyfriend attempting to beat me on an iPhone game. When I went through the videos to try to pick the best second, it dawned on me that I could document my whole life this way. Birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, and the first moments of my future children, literally captured in 1 seconds bits. I can’t wait to look back on this year and see a movie played!

Ted Talks + 1 SED

Kuriyama gave a Ted talk where he explained, ‘If I live to 80, I will have a five-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life. At 40, I’ll have a one-hour video of my 30s.” He then indulged the audience with his video up to date. I have attached it below. It is quite fascinating how diverse his 1 second videos are. Sure, most of our enjoyable moments are when eating or hanging out with friends, but he has moments of life that are sad, also documented. It’s moving day after day he captured his family’s visiting his sister when she became very ill.  “Recording these one seconds on a bad day is extremely difficult,” Kuriyama explains. “We take our cameras out when we’re doing awesome things; we rarely do that when something horrible is happening.” But his dedication to his product and depiction of his every day life are inspiring.

What will your video look like?


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