Youtopica: Ask and Answer Questions with Images and Videos

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013 by

¬†For those of you who wonder if people out there have the same interests as you whether it’s movies, song, favorite sandwich, or places to travel, connecting to others you don’t know can seem weird and forced. Youtopica brings you a new way to interact with people and topics you care about.

Share Your Favorite Topics with An Image or Video

In a Pinterest board platform, scroll through Youtopica to see what questions people have asked and the images and videos that follow. From as simple as “What is your favorite song of the moment” and “Your dream vehicle” are now ways random strangers can connect over something they both share. Nicu at Youtopica says, “This new and fun self-expression platform allows users to describe themselves and their personalities by posting images and videos in response to a pre-defined set of questions.”

Browse through the different posts, like if you agree or even watch the video of someone’s favorite song of the moment. Want to share your favorite things? Youtopica asks you questions and allows you to link the photo or video of your answer. “Who inspires you most” can have anything from Chuck Norris to Bill Clinton-YOU decide! See something you really like-click on the user because chances are you’ll find even more topics you have in common. Youtopica helps you share content but also learn about new things you may be interested in.

Find funny, inspiring, or even just cute photos and videos and learn more about what you and people like you are interested in. You never know what you’ll discover!

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