Well: Share To-Do Lists with Friends – Inspire & Get Inspired

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013 by

Well is a platform where to-do lists meet for comparison, inspiration and idea trading. Get inspired by your friend’s to-do lists while you are making your own.

Who Said To-Do Lists are Private?

The Well founders never understood why people kept their to-do lists a secret. To their philosophy, your friends are a great resource for help, suggestions, encouragement and  feedback so why not bring the two together? This is why they built Well – A simple way to share all the things you want to do. This platform helps you collect and share the things you want to do in a beautiful way, allowing you to browse through your friends to-do lists for inspiration. 

Suggestions will Inspire and Motivate You

Using Well makes planning your next road trip, picking the perfect movie or finding the best sushi in town easier. While making your to-do list, you can explore popular lists and discover places others are visiting, what books they recommend and what new wines you should try out, etc etc…  And making a list is quite simple, you can ‘Relist’ interesting items you find on other to-do lists, and import them to your lists… This service is free of charge so you really should give it a try, who knows, you might find it productive.

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