Tunefind: Find Music From TV and Movies

Posted on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 by

tunefind5TuneFind helps you identify songs you hear in TV shows and movies.

Who Sings That Song?

tunefind2TV wouldn’t be the same without the music playing in the background. In many popular shows, songs are licensed from talented, established or up-and-coming artists. If you’ve ever heard a song playing during a show and wanted to know what it is (without Shazam on-hand), TuneFind is the site for you. TuneFind maintains a list most major television shows, as well as the songs and artists that can be heard within each episode. The site features TV shows that are currently on the air as well as older shows. You can browse shows like Degrassi, streaming songs from episodes along with the context of when they appeared on the show or clicking on iTunes/Amazon links to purchase the tracks.


Join The Community

tunefind3TuneFind is powered by its community of users. Any user can submit a song to a particular show, and the rest of the community is tasked with voting on its accuracy. Verified songs contain a green checkmark next to them. Users can also submit “questions,” typically pertaining to the songs used in certain episodes. TuneFind also keeps track of upcoming episodes of TV as well as a “Trending Songs” list of the most popular tracks. There’s also a section to find songs that you heard in movies, which includes the soundtracks of many popular releases. If watching TV and movies helps you discover new music, TuneFind is the site that helps you keep track of it all.


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