Viewpoints from Different Offices Around the World

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office viewWe asked people around the world to send in pictures of the views from their office windows/roofs. Check them out here!

Office Views

We asked people working all over the world to send us photos of their office views. We said to take a photo from a window in their office or from the roof of the building. This post will be updated frequently with photos that you send in for us to share so please continue to send photos and the location of where the photo was taken to After receiving them, we will update the post as soon as possible and will be posting the individual pictures on our Facebook page.

From England to the U.S. to Israel, here are a few office views that were submitted:

Tel Aviv, Israel


This is the view from the roof of our office building at All My Faves.

London, EnglandIMG_1481

This photo was taken from the window of the Qlik office in the financial district of London.

New York City, U.S.A


This was taken from an intern’s office window in the City.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia


This was taken from the office of Adélie Cuvillier.

Washington D.C., U.S.A.


This was taken outside the office building where The Federal Housing Finance Agency‘s office is in the city.

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


This was taken from an office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where the intern who took the photo works for a mortgage insurance business.

Tel Aviv, IsraelIMG_2449

This was taken by an intern from an office window at Donde Fashion.

Santiago, Chile


This photo was taken by Roy Pessis, co-founder of Wibki, working as a nomad in Chile.

We would like to thank everyone for sending in their photos! Don’t forget you can still submit them to We will be updating this post and our Facebook page frequently. Please add the location of the photo when sending it in to us.

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