TubiTV: Watch Free TV Shows & Movies

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2015 by

tubitv5TubiTV is revolutionizing the way we view TV and movies.

Cut Your Cable Cord

tubitv4In 2015, there’s almost no need to pay for a cable subscription. Aside from sporting events and other live broadcasts, most content is available to view online on an on-demand basis. HBO Go, Netflix and other services have replaced the need for traditional cable. Subscribing to all of those services, however, can be just as costly as paying your cable provider. TubiTV is another streaming platform, but it offers all of its content on a free, ad-supported model. The site’s layout is comparable to Netflix’s, except there’s no paywall holding you back. You can view any of the TV series or movies on TubiTV completely for free.


Netflix, For Free

tubitv1TubiTV understands its competition, as it even has a category called “Not On Netflix.” That category contains films with well known names like Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Frankie & Johnny, or Samuel L. Jackson’s Black Snake Moan. The rest of the categories on the site are more personalized and curated than what you might find on Netflix, with categories for events like Father’s Day or LGBT Pride Month. Much of the content can also be found on other free streaming services like SnagFilms, but TubiTV’s interface is much more well-designed and its video player tends to work without as many issues. It really is like a free version of Netflix.


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