Farmbox Direct: Fresh Fruits & Veggies

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2015 by

farmbox5Farmbox Direct delivers fruits & veggies straight to your door.

The Freshest Subscription Box Service

farmbox1There are a myriad of subscription box services on the web these days. If you truly wanted, you could have almost everything you need delivered to you in a monthly box. One of the most important aspects of any diet — and the things you’d least expect to have delivered to your front door — are fruits and vegetables. FarmBox Direct is the subscription box service that solves that problem on a weekly basis. The site offers three different size boxes filled with your choice of fruits, veggies, or a mix. You choose when you want your box to be delivered, sit back and wait for the freshly farmed produce to arrive at your door.


Skip The Grocery Store Lines

farmbox3Farmbox Direct only sends healthy, organic and natural produce. The site works with farmers in order to ensure that only the most high-quality products are delivered in each box. Each week, the site sends out an e-mail letting you know what they’re going to be delivering that week. You can choose whether to opt-in or opt-out. Along with the fruits and/or veggies, Farmbox Direct also sends a recipe card with ideas for how to best make use of what you get delivered. It’s a nice way to experiment in the kitchen with healthy products without having to make any trips to the grocery store at all. The site also has juicing plans if you’re into that. The minimum order for a box is a bit pricey — $36.95 – but it’s worth it if you want to start cooking and eating healthily with ease.


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