Trip Tribe: Group Wellness Retreats

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 by

triptribe1Trip Tribe helps you find and book group wellness retreats.

Travel How You Live

triptribe3Trip Tribe is a retreat planning site that helps you find and book the best wellness retreats around the world. Whether you want to do yoga in Greece or surf in Costa Rica, Trip Tribe has tons of options for interesting vacations that will restore your sense of well-being. The site lists trips by specific dates, including information such as the “leader” of the group tour as well as the amount of exertion the wellness portion of the trip will take. There’s also a short synopsis of what will take place on the trip, as well as the cost and what’s included in the price.


Meet Likeminded People On Group Trips

triptribe4What sets Trip Tribe apart from other retreat booking platforms is the emphasis on community. Trip Tribe can be used by solo or group travelers, but it always connects you with others who are attending or interested in the same trip. A particular trip’s list of attendees is clearly displayed on every page, so you can communicate with your fellow travelers before leaving. You can also learn the age and relationship status of people going, if you’re interested in joining a trip for romantic reasons. If you can’t book a trip, you can “Crave It” instead — which allows you to further get connected with the community. Overall, Trip Tribe is a positive website with a bunch of cool trip options.


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