Inverse: What Could Happen Next?

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 by

inverse5Inverse is a blog covering emerging ideas, new technologies and simmering trends.

The Blog of the Future

inverse2Inverse is an online publication covering a wide variety of topics. The site’s editorial mission claims that it focuses its articles around one key question — “What could happen next?” That means that the site is dedicated to covering the latest in science and technology news, with a good mix of opinionated articles and more generalized news pieces. On Inverse, you can find articles like “Hackers vs. Artificial Intelligence” as well as “Did Taylor Swift Predict the Stock Market Collapse?” Both, if you can believe it, are actually well-written and informative articles.


Science, Tech and More

inverse1Inverse splits its content into four different sections — “News,” “Culture,” “Life+Work,” and “Science+Tech.” The “Life+Work” section includes handy guides like “The Nootropics Shopping List,” a rare article on the web that both promotes the benefits of taking smart drugs and takes into account the benefits of avoiding them. It’s rare that an online publication has so many quality articles, but almost everything on Inverse is well-written (and, more importantly, not click-bait). There’s a lengthy list of writers that work with the site, and all of them seem to be talented contributors. I challenge you to visit Inverse and find an article that you don’t learn something from — or at least enjoy.


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