Tribute: Create a Collaborative Video Montage

Posted on Monday, September 12th, 2016 by

TributeMake sure your friends and family members know how much they’re appreciated, but don’t just tell them…show them! Show them with Tribute.

For All Occasions

TributeWe love our friends and families, but so do countless others. But how can everyone show their love and appreciation together, Send a Tribute! Tribute is a collaborative video montage that can be sent to anyone, and for any occasion. It’s hard to gather videos and voice clips from lots of people, and then combine them to make one video. But Tribute makes that easy for everyone (with or without computer experience). Tribute has created the technology that makes it easy for people to share appreciation, love and support for each other. Tributes can be sent to everyone and for every occasion and the site will walk you through the design step by step. Once it’s all finished, pick a fun way to send the message. Tribute even offers a program to support individuals struggling with illness and the troops so they can hear from family and friends when they need it the most. There is no other way to make someone’s day, cheer them up, congratulate them or just let them know they’re being thought of, than by sending a Tribute!


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