Brand New Subway: Design Your Own NYC Subway Map

Posted on Sunday, September 11th, 2016 by

Brand New SubwayThe Subway system might be a bit confusing to some, so make it easier and customized with Brand New Subway.

Find Your Way Through New York

Brand New SubwayThe subway system of New York might be somewhat confusing to some, so why not change it a bit? Brand New Subway is an interactive transportation planning game that lets players change the NYC subway system. Players can start with making their own map, or choose to build off of an existing one. New stations can be built to expand new areas, or tear old ones down a make them new. Information such as census data, jobs, transportation demand and more are factors that players have to consider when building. Once the map is redesign, the new maps are given a grade to see how efficient the new subway system is. This game is a great way to exercise imagination and take something old and make it new again. Forget what you knew about the subway system of New York and make it your own with Brand New Subway.

Brand New Subway

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