Burrow: Casper for Sofas

Posted on Monday, September 12th, 2016 by

BurrowShopping for a new sofa can be fun (or tedious), but the process really hasn’t changed since we started shopping for sofas. Take your sofa to the next level with Burrow.

Relax and Make Yourself Comfortable

BurrowThe process of finding a new sofa is pretty much the same for everyone. Pick a color, the material, sit and decide if it’s comfortable or not, then pay. Burrow is a new kind of sofa that knows what you need other than comfort. Burrow was created with you in mind, and this couch has everything you need. Burrow has a modular design, so you can add or take seats away to fit your needs. It also arrives in compact boxes to make it easier to get it up those stairs or through the door. There are hidden USB ports and power plugs to keep you connected and charged at all times. Plus, Burrow has stain resistant fabric so there is no need to worry about spills here and there. Simply pick the style of couch you want, and the color and fabric, it’s then delivered straight to your door (no middle men). There is finally a sofa that has been designed with you in mind, so relax and make yourself comfortable with Burrow.


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