Top 10 Sites of the Week – “Muse Yourself” (11/26)

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2007 by

Check out some of AllMyFaves latest discoveries. Every week we review as many as 200 sites in order to bring you our top 10 list. In order to never miss a fave, make sure you subscribe through E-mail (on the right) or by RSS.

voki Voki – Voki is a combination of “vox”, which is Latin for voice, and “Loki”, which, is a prankster character in Norse Mythology. Sooooo??? So go ahead and create a talking avatar. Express yourself in your own voice (added via microphone, upload or phone) and customize your avatar to look like you or take on the identity of lots of other types of characters – animals, monsters etc…

petsidePetSide – PetSide is a great online source for pet owners and pet enthusiasts! PetSide’s goal is to give you all the reliable information you need to keep your cats and dogs happy and healthy, as well as a wide range of tips and advice from PetSide’s Veterinarian, Dr. Lauren. Go Cat! Go Dog!

underdogs Home of the Underdogs – Home of the Underdogs is a friendly and dynamic community of classic game collectors, oldies lovers, game designers, and anyone else interested in the history of PC computer games; to be a place for sharing nostalgia, ideas, and information on underrated games. Keep the Prince of Persia alive!

definr definr – definr claims it is the fastest online dictionary in the world. So how quick is this dictionary? definr is quicker than both and Google define. The downside of the site is that its vocabulary is very limited however it is still worth checking, you will be amazed how fast it is.

giveaway Giveaway of the Day – Giveaway nominates one software as Giveaway of the day. What does it mean? The software is available for download for 24 hours (or more, if agreed by software publisher) and the software is absolutely free. That means – not a trial, not a limited version – but a registered and legal version of the software. For game giveaways check out Game Giveaway of the Day. Free ! Gratis !

insturct Instructables – Instructables is an online community where passionate people share what they do and how they do it. The site includes illustrated guides of most of the DIY activities available. From painting your car to preparing soap from bacon (Does Fightclub sound familiar?). Just do it 😉

dewmocracy DewMocracy – Your choice! Your Voice! Your influence on the next DEW. Select the flavor, color, name, logo, label, and tagline for the next Mountain DEW. How? Just complete the quest and all answers will be revealed! Enjoy the full interactive experience.

fileurls Fileurls – Sharing a file has never been easier. No need to send a heavy attachment, just upload the file to Fileurls, receive a link and send the link. I have shared a Gate with you. Please comment.

humble voice Humble Voice – Humble Voice is a community of artists and those who appreciate them. Get connected to the best new music and art. Muse yourself – You can learn a lot more from listening than you can from talking.

Javier Ferrer Javier Ferrer – Great photos! Great music! Great UI! Open your eyes wide open, Javier Ferrer is bringing the people a little hope. Love it.

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