Top 10 Sites of the Week – “I can’t get no satisfaction” (12/03)

Posted on Monday, December 10th, 2007 by

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BoomShuffle BoomShuffleLast night a DJ saved my life, Do you feel like “saving” someones life? BoomShuffle is an easy way to create your own streaming mix and share it with the world, if you don’t feel like creating a mix just listen to mixes created by others. In order to allow you to play full-length tracks in your mixes, BoomShuffle has to behave like a radio station. That means you can’t know exactly which song will play next. Not knowing what is the next track is kinda of a nuisance however on the other hand it is fun as this way you can discover new music. I feel a bit Cognitive dissonance :-).

iDesktop – brings a new and convenient way of browsing through YouTube’s online videos. When searching a video on YouTube, you are limited to the amount of results you can view without scrolling (around 5), with you will be able to view 16-30 results. Another great feature is the ability to download the video in various formats. My conclusion: Same YouTube results. Better UI, more features.

Carbonrally Carbonrally – Are you passionate about reducing carbon emissions? The issue seems just too big for any single person to make a meaningful difference – MISTAKE. 672 Rallyers have reduced CO2 emissions by over 13.0 tons so far! That’s equal to turning off the electricity of 10 homes for about 1 month! Join the Carbonrally community, help reduce global warming. You can make a difference.

FanNation FanNation – FanNation aggregates, filters, and customizes all the relevant player and team content available at any time on the Internet. Instead of searching endlessly for the sports news you want, FanNation finds it for you and delivers it to one place. Do you like FanNation? do you think it should be added to the Sports Faveline? If yes, please comment.

GetItNext GetItNexteBay is a very intimidating site for many people, they love the auctions concept however the site is too complicated or cluttered for them. GetItNext offers a great solution. GetItNext filters the eBay results and displays only relevant items. Less is More.

SatisfactionSatisfactionI can’t get no satisfaction, Can you? I like asking questions however I am usually skeptic the answers I receive are interest free. Satisfaction is a people powered customer service for almost everything, at the moment they seem to be very reliable. I was really frustrated with the facebook beacon conspiracy and couldn’t find how to disable it, until I found this post – How do I turn off beacon tracking?

RedZee RedZee – RedZee offers a “kid-safe” internet search engine, I have tried to manipulate it however unsuccessfully, this search engine won’t show explicit content. In addition it can display the results as text or in a visual format. The results are excellent, the only problem is that the visual format is very slow – still it is worth checking.

MuviBee MuviBee – MuviBee is a great aggregation tool for music video fans. It allows all forms of searching (by artist, song title or by genre) and chart information to allow you to easily aggregate music video lists and view the songs you like. Do you remember my above post – I can’t get no satisfaction – See MuviBee’s results. I only wish they would add a full screen option in the site and not direct me back to YouTube.

RedBubble RedBubble – Well RedBubble is for sure not a BlueBubble. Since the Renaissance, art has been what a tiny elite produced and sold at vast prices to another tiny elite. The art world was open only to the wealth few and a cabal of elevated artists. That was a long time ago and nowadays we have sites like RedBubble that strive to bring art to everybody.

ElfYourself ElfYourself – What is an Elf? A friend once told me that the essence of life is to have fun. ElfYourself is all about fun, add a picture of you and your loved ones and enjoy being an Elf. Happy Holidays!

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