Top 10 sites of the week – “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” (11\19)

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2007 by

Check out some of AllMyFaves latest discoveries. Every week we review as many as 200 sites in order to bring you our top 10 list. In order to never miss a fave, make sure you subscribe through E-mail (on the right) or by RSS.

woome WooMe – Wanna play 1-on-1? The next generation in online dating is here – Set your web cam and meet real people for a one minute video session. With WooMe meeting people online is transformed into a live interactive experience that makes sifting through contrived profiles a thing of the past. Check out a similar site, with similar features – SpeedDate (has been reviewed last week).

rcrdlbl RCRD.LBLPeter Rojas which is considered as one of the most talented figures in the blog world has recently launched a new project. On RCRD.LBL you won’t find Madonna or Shakira however you will find excellent music from emerging and established artists. All downloads are 100% free, no need to view or listen to an ad. My fave music on the site comes from ItaloBoys.

SocialDNA Social DNA – A Social Gene is a single “piece” of your Social DNA: one of many different elements that you create to define who you are. Each Gene is either a Quiz you answer or a List that you create in a variety of different topics, according to your tastes and interests. Social DNA is a fun way to discover who you are, how you compare to others and who’s like you. So what is your fave color?

Vibe Agent Vibe Agent – A very impressive hotel booking site. The aim here is that the community reviews the visited hotels, creating an enhanced hotel database that helps to make more informed hotel booking decisions. Also the hotel search engine bases the results on the reviews of travelers that share your tastes and preferences. So the more you use the site and write reviews about hotels you visited, the more interesting results you get for your next travel. In the jungle of mediocre hotel booking websites, this one is really outstanding! Visiting New York? See what other people think of your hotel?

glam Glam “Pretty woman, don’t walk on by” Glam is based on 350 independent voices(popular lifestyle websites and blogs) which contribute to Glam’s fresh editorial content, Glam doesn’t just connect with one kind of woman— Glam connects with every kind. If a women site isn’t your cup of tea? Check our Men category. Which will be joined by a women category soon.

Family Oven Familyoven – Familyoven brings together cooks, from amateurs to restaurant owners, who are passionate about food and drinks. The cooking community that is established brings out the best recipes from Chicken Satay Recipes to Pizza Recipes. Get cooking.

Free Rice FreeRice – A great vocabulary quiz-game. Play it and realize how many you’ve forgotten since you left school. Also, for each right answer, give grains of rice to end world hunger. Great Game. Great Cause.

snopes Snopes – These folks perform an important public service, debunking all the garbage you receive in your email. Always check Snopes before freaking out and forwarding any email virus hoaxes, weird image hoaxes, or those missing kid hoaxes.

songza Songza – If you have trouble using your microwave, it’s not because you’re “not good with technology” — it’s because the people in charge of designing the interface for that microwave didn’t do their job right. Songza has nothing to do with microwaves however it is such a great, clean, simple and efficient music search site that the above metaphor is requested. Songza has been created by Aza Raskin the son of Apple Macintosh founder – Jef Raskin, apparently The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Songza lets you access an insane amount of music. Enjoy.

Dance  Mat Dance Mat Typing – Why learn to touch type? When you can do it well, touch typing is the fastest way to write. Many people can soon learn to touch type faster than they can write with a pen. It is never too late to learn touch typing and if you feel it is too late, make sure your kid will check it out.

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