Top 10 Sites of the Week (12/10) – “Where does water go when it rains?”

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2007 by

Check out some of AllMyFaves latest discoveries. Every week we review as many as 200 sites in order to bring you our top 10 list. In order to never miss a fave, make sure you subscribe through E-mail (on the right) or by RSS.

ScrapScrapblogScrapbooking has been here since ancient Greece. Scrapping manually usually takes hours to complete – Who has the time or the patience? Needless to say that an artistic touch is also required. Scrapblog’s uniqueness is that it makes the process easier and accessible for everyone, the site is very friendly and takes you step by step, choose a dynamic theme (you can move elements around freely and mix and match from other themes) and in less than 5 minutes you have created a stunning Scrap. If you are still interested in doing it manually, The Complete Idiots Guide for Scrapbooking can be useful.

BlabberBlabberMash – A hypothetical situation – You met this girl however she lives 100 miles from you, will you start a long distance relationship? Who would you consult? BlabberMash is a place where you can rant, ask questions and get advice from other people. The topics include relationships, dating, sex, family care and more… Some of the questions are really shallow however it is still fun and you might end up getting useful advice.

SciVeeSciVee – Created for scientists, by scientists, SciVee moves science beyond the printed word and lecture theater, taking advantage of the internet as a communication medium where scientists young and old have a place and a voice. Where does water go when it rains?

NameLabNameLab – Find the right name for your baby, read fun facts about your own name and get to know some of the wackiest celebrity baby names. Check out Brad Pitt‘s baby choices.

AskVilleAskVille – AskVille is a “Questions & Answers” site similar to Yahoo answers, Yedda, AnswerBag and Answers. The difference is that AskVille makes it worth being smart – Askville users who share their knowledge by answering questions can earn Quest Gold and redeem it for an Amazon gift card. Ask! Answer! Buy yourself something nice!

SpokeoSpokeo – Absolutely Amazing!!! I thought I know what my friends are doing… apparently not ;-). Log-in using your current Instant Messaging provider and Spokeo will search your friends blogs, photos, videos and music on all major networks. I guarantee you’ll learn something new about your friends.


MimoaMIMOA – Visiting Europe? Interested in Modern Architecture? MIMOA shows Europe’s Modern Architecture on a map with the address and all additional information you need to actually find and visit interiors, parks, public places, buildings and bridges. Not visiting Europe soon, well enjoy London’s Architecture by words and photos.


VBVB Stubby SymphonyThe Bolero of Ravel is my fave classic. What would Ravel say about this Beer commercial, would he consider it as a classic. Sure makes it into my all time faves.


RaftwarsRaft Wars – We are so close to completing a totally new games page. Meanwhile enjoy one of our latest game discoveries. It seems simple however it is far from being simple.


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