Top 10 Sites of the Week (12/17) – Merry Christmas!!!

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Happy holidays to all our readers from around the world!

I would like to say thank you for all our readers on this past year. Thanks for the support, comments and feedback that we get each day. Keep them coming! Enjoy.

Check out some of AllMyFaves latest discoveries. Every week we review as many as 200 sites in order to bring you our top 10 list. In order to never miss a fave, make sure you subscribe through E-mail (on the right) or by RSS.

QuickQuickSilverScreen – Watch Tv Shows, Movies, Cartoons, Documentaries and Music Videos online via streaming DivX – All presented in a simple and clean interface. It is cold outside – cuddle in bed and watch a great movie, my recommendations are: Requiem for a Dream, Dr. Seuss – How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Ratatoiulle and Bee movie (2 in 1). Did I mention that all videos are free.

YameloYamelo – It is said that the worldwide average life of a human in our era is 67, our life is full of events that are accompanied with music. Yamelo enables you to connect your special moments with the melodies that accompanied that specific event and place them on a timeline, from your first kiss to an emotional breakup and on to a special party. Do you like this feature? If yes, check Rememble that was featured on our October 8 Weekly Faves.

WifeListenToYourWife – Men are stubborn, how many times have your wife/gf requested you to listen to her however you have neglected her advice, just to discover later that she was 100% correct and you could have saved valuable time/money if you just have listened to her. ListenToYourWife is a community built by women for men, so before you continue making mistakes check what a wife really wants for Xmas.

CellwareCellware – 2 years ago a good friend of mine showed me a new wallpaper which he downloaded to his cellular, it was Da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man. A month later he got his cellular bill and realized he was charged for it, apparently in very small letters it was stated that each download will be charged 1.50$ – Frustrating!!! Anyway Cellware is a different story. Cellware provides free ringtones, wallpapers, videos, applications and games from the community to the community.

ConsolesClash of the Consoles – Game consoles contain toxic chemicals and can contribute to the massive growth of electronic waste that’s often dumped, causing widespread environmental pollution and health problems. The game consoles manufacturers can help the environment by taking the following steps: 1. Clean up their products by eliminating hazardous substances. 2. Takeback and recycle their products responsibly once they become obsolete. So which console do you own? Write your console manufacturer a letter – Dear Mr Satoru Iwata (Nintendo), Dear Mr Ballmer (Microsoft), Dear Sig. Stringer (Sony). You can make a change!

The IssueThe Issue – The Issue is a non-partisan blog newspaper. The Issue claims it brings you the best opinions on any issue, the most interesting topics and a great way to discover an interest that you didn’t know you had. Is The Issue really so good? Well it definitely tries, the blog is written well and covers “hot” topics however only time will tell if they really are a non-partisan blog newspaper. What do you think?

GorillaGorilla Spot – Gorilla Spot is an online video editing application. The demo is very impressive and shows you how intuitive it is to make your own video including adding effects, text and music. However the site is still in beta so the only video you can make at the moment is your personal trailer based on clips, music and images from Sweeny Todd.

JooceJooce – Jooce is your own, private online desktop – with public file sharing capabilities. A highly-secure, online space to keep, view, listen to – and instantly share with friends – all your files, photos, music and videos.
SupermarketSupermarket – All Big designers started as an unknown designer that just wanted to show the world his talent. The big ones are located on our Apparel Shopping Page(Category-Designers). But what about the unknown ones, the new rising stars, where can we find them? At the Supermarket – Of-course :-). Supermarket makes it easy to buy great design, they connect you directly with the designers and the great things they make. Who wears the Egg Pants in this relationship is myfave design.

NinjaN- Ninja Game– Yo Yo Yo Ninja, Jump over here, Jump over there, Jump Ninja Jump. Open the door and rescue me!!!

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