2008 is here! Top sites of the week (12/24)

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Happy new year! Make the best out of it…

On our next post we will feature our year end summary for the best sites of 2007. So stay tuned.

Stuff Stuff – Have you ever wondered where does our stuff come from and where does it go and will it end one day or will we always be able to produce more and more …. Stuff is a 20 minutes video that takes you through the underside of our production and consumption patterns. Stuff has been executed unexceptionable. The animation is simple, the narration is clear, the plot of the story holds you fascinated and above all it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever. It seems that except for recycling and maybe walking instead of taking the car, we as individuals don’t have an impact on the world – WRONG !!!! Watch the video and you will discover many ways you can help the environment, for example – Shop Less – Yes, you heard me, it sounds odd however it really does have an impact. Are you a facebook member – Join the Stop Global Warming cause. Please watch the vid, you won’t regret it.

Comic Wonder ComicWonderI started a Joke which started the whole world crying, Comic Wonder is a competitive arena for joke-tellers – it is a forum where people can perform, rate and share audio jokes. Tell your joke and maybe the whole world will cry from laughter.

SheKnows SheKnows – Who knows? she knows, what does she know? SheKnows what woman are looking for. SheKnows provide full coverage (exclusive articles, video and vibrant message boards) of health and beauty, personal style, human connections and much more. Do you want to improve your love life?

Video Tabs Video-Tabs – Learning how to play a guitar has never been so accessible and affordable to all. Video-Tabs combines quality video lessons served up by YouTube with accurate easy-to-print tabs so that you can more easily learn your favorite songs. I guess the guitar teachers aren’t so happy about this site. Does it matter? I heard that Nothing Else Matters 🙂

Volunteer Match Volunteer Match – “I wish I could help the world, society or the community but I don’t know how?” Want to start Volunteering? There are hundreds of ways to help out. With VolunteerMatch, it’s never been easier to find a rewarding way to give back and make a difference. Enjoy (Giving to others is enjoyable, try it)

CommandandShift3 CommandandShift3Battle of Normandy and Pearl Harbor are historically considered as big and influential battles. The big battles today take place online – Google vs Yahoo vs Microsoft (and lets hope it will stay this way). As well, we have small battles that take place on a small online site. On CommandShift3, you are presented with the screenshots of two websites side by side. Choose who is better? Not very important, but a great time wasting activity.

Flight Stats Flight Stats – As the costs and service differences between legacy and low cost carriers become smaller, buyers need new ways to find value in their travel purchasing. FlightStats applications offer unique comparative intelligence to help the savvy traveler make informed choices. Where would you prefer departing from John F. Kennedy Intl or Newark? As well, from flight stats you can track any flight around the world. Have a nice and safe trip.

FFFFOUND FFFFOUND – I found Radioactive Cats, Perfect Stranger and Real Men don’t Rape as very interesting images on FFFFOUND. FFFFOUND is an images community that allows users to post and share their favorite images found on the web. Inspire me – send me a link to your fave image.

Gizmoz Gizmoz – Create, customize, animate and share a 3D talking character based on your photo, voice and choices. The result is a customized digital character that can be used to deliver personalized, lip-synched messages in video clips and other forms of original content.

Snow Fight Snow Fight – As a child, snow wasn’t considered snow without a great snow fight. I thought that only boys like snow fights, apparently girls like it even more – the only difference is that they do it with style. Enjoy The Ultimate Snow Fight Game.

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