Top 10 Sites – Forgot what song that was?

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MidomiMidomi – You so happen to hear a song on the radio that conquers your soul and you hum it to yourself all day. However, you have no idea who is the performer, nor do you remember the lyrics. So you hum it to your friends in the hopes of salvation but no one gets you. Does this frustrating feeling seem familiar? Well no more heartaches – Midomi offers the ultimate solution: hum into your microphone and Midomi will search and hopefully locate your groovy track. The database is quite impressive, I found many songs by humming, like: Jolene – Doly Parton, Hello – Lionel Richie. On the other hand, I failed to find Rise Up – Yves La Rock.

BeFunkyBeFunky – BeFunky is made up of two creative and swanky applications – Cartoonizer and Uvatar. With the cartoonizer option, you upload your choice of ready-made sexy pics or alternately, snapshot yourself on the spot and create a sketched or colored cartoon of your sensual self. Uvatar is a different story; you can bring to life a custom-made avatar cartoon of your mirror reflection (for 4.99$) , a downright illustrated representation of you. The site offers an enhanced customization of your Uvatar by manipulating visual features such as clothes, accessories, hairstyles, scenes and more. The site is very user friendly, which makes creating cartoons or Uvatars of one’s own yours truly very simple.

SurfTheChannelSurfTheChannel – Are you a TV enthusiast? Watching TV online has become very tangible these days yet searching for the TV show of your choice is usually still a requirement. No worries, SurfTheChannel has done the work for you. They have searched the internet and made available a commendable repertoire of shows which are played online using Divx. Ooops! I almost forgot: they also have movies, cartoons, music, documentires, sports and much more… worth checking

BigNewsBigNews – It was just a matter of time before ASK would join Yahoo News and Google News in aggregating news. The headlines provided by all aggregators are more or less the same, but they differ in their UI. News is usually presented by a rather restricted and monotone interface. ASK has decided to take it to the next, more upbeat step – they upgraded news to a cool web 2.0 experience. I loved their Digg section- Be the First to “Digg” a story using a unique Digg module that identifies the most interesting stories with no “Digg” counts yet.

HowCastHowCast – With the amount of how-to sites out there, it seems that we don’t know how to do anything:-). But there is always place for newcomers, especially when they perform excellence. Howcast was founded by veterans of Google and YouTube, Howcast’s goal is to bring together the personality of user-generated content with the quality of a professional video studio to create engaging, informative, and free how-to videos. Learn how to juggle 3 balls, it will improve your thinking and coordination skills.

IssuuIssuu – Kinda like flickr for magazines. With Issuu anyone can automatically convert their documents into interactive online publications. It only takes a minute and it’s free. After this you can view your document in a neat magazine-style viewer, that other people can bookmark, share and comment on. Finally, you can also post (embed) your Issuu documents on any external site, profile or blog.

KeyBrKeyBr – On your marks! Get set! TYPE! See how fast you type and how many errors you “gained”. KeyBr lets you choose the preference of your language for testing your typing abilities. Languages include: English, Deutsch, Espanol, Italiano, Portugues, Francais and Russian. This isn’t a fun time wasting site but it sure is excellent for training your typing skills.

carded.tvCarded.tvSaint Valentine died 1,700 years ago. And today, we’re still sending Valentine cards. No more cards for me; only e-cards. So if you decided to send an e-card, do it with style, do it the cynical way. has a lot of video e-crads that are based on life’s occasions – those small and embarrassing real-life moments that, until now, nobody made greeting cards for – I still hate Valentine’s day!

justsayhiJustSayHi – Test how many countries you can name in five minutes. If you enjoy updating your blog with cool applications, you have reached the right place. JusSayHi offers quizzes, widgets, and other cool things to stick on your blog. But don’t be mistaken by the name, these widgets require deep thinking.

towerbloxxTowerBloxxBuild your tower and see how many citizens will move into your building. Timing is the key in business and is definetlly everything in this game! Go build a tower.

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