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Check out some of AllMyFaves latest discoveries. Every week we review as many as 200 sites in order to bring you our top 10 list. In order to never miss a fave, make sure you subscribe through E-mail (on the right) or by RSS.

mozyMozy – Backing up your computer is an essential and important task however it is one of these tasks we simply hate doing, it is always easier postponing it. Mozy offers a simple backup tool. Open an account and choose the folders and the frequency you would like your stuff to be backed up. Mozy will backup your stuff and store them securely using the same security systems all major banks use. Get 2GB for free or unlimited space for $4.95 a month. Back it Up!

civilanswersCivilAnswers – This site has an excellent concept, they claim to provide free legal advice, just ask your question and a legal response (from an expert) will be sent to your e-mail. A week has passed since I asked a legal question and I still haven’t received a reply. This is very disappointing!

thediggreelThe Digg Reel – Britney Spears sings “Give me, Give me MORE“. This is exactly what Digg delivers – more News, more Videos, more Images all based on UGC. However Digg can sometimes be quite overwhelming and at the end of the day, what do we really want? We want simply the best. Digg Reel has taken the best and highest rated user submissions from the video section and put it all together into a weekly episode (launched every Wednesday). So sit back, press play and enjoy the best videos of the week chosen by the people for the people.

the secret lifeThe Secret Life – Over 150 million cellphones are replaced each year, the question is what is happening with the old ones. Some are tossed away, some are kept in the old junk drawer and only some are recycled. Discarded Cellphone contain enough lead, copper and antimony in order to classify them as hazardous waste. Please consider the impact it has on the environment, don’t toss – Recycle. I feel the responsibility on recycling cellphones should be enforced on the cellphone manufacturers by the government, it can be very simple, you can’t buy a new cellphone if you don’t bring an old one in. So simple. So clean.

hubdubHubdub – Are you a news freak? Do you read an article and know exactly what the future impact will be? If you answered YES, Hubdub is the place for you. Hubdub lets you actively participate in the day’s news, predict their outcomes and compete with other users to find out who is the real news junkie. Will Microsoft end up making an even higher bid for Yahoo by Feb 29th?

rules of thumbRules of Thumb – A rule of thumb is a simple principle that is easily learned and easily applied, it is a procedure for approximately making any determination. The sites goal is to gather every rule of thumb on earth into one place. I don’t know if they have succeed in gathering them all into one place but they sure have a lot. My fave one which I was introduced to at the age of 8 is: The more attractive and colorful the bird, the more likely it is the male of the species.

mestolandoMestolando – Learn how to cook Italian food from Italian origins. Claudia and Brian share their Italian cooking experience with you. They will show you how to prepare Italian food (gourmet or simple) directly from their kitchen in Florence, Italy. All recipes are accompanied with the Ingredients, full preparation description and a short video. Did you know that preparing pesto sauce is so simple?

healthpricerHealthPricer – Enter a health product that you are looking for and HealthPricer will do the comparison for you. HealthPricer will provide you with all merchants that offer that item and a number of ways to refine your search to find the product that best suits your needs. Remember, Health is the first and most important thing we can ask for, beauty comes after 🙂

pocketgeekPocketGeek – It’s crunch time! There is a big project on the go and it’s the last 5 days before the deadline. The Pocket Geek is the only one who can get it done. It is your job to keep him on task and healthy. Who did you call a Geek?

spidersSpiders From AboveShoot down spiders that come in your way. Collect your ammo from the supplies board on the left side of the screen and complete all sixteen levels.

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