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Presidents Day Presidents day – Come and visit the official site of all presidents “The White House” and get to know the history of all 43 Presidents. The site is very informative and includes full biography of every president. President’s video tour hosted by George W. Bush himself. So who will be the next president to sit at the Oval Office? 

iReport iReport – CNN is all about news. News that is gathered, produced, edited and delivered by TV professionals. However CNN are smart enough to understand that there’s a whole lot more to it that they might be missing, whether that something is newsworthy mostly depends on who it affects – and who’s making the decision. So CNN launched an independent world where you tell the stories which usually don’t make it to the headlines. The most compelling, important, and urgent ones may get seen on CNN – Maybe you are the next Anderson Cooper.

Discovery Earth Live Discovery Earth Live – You’ve heard about global warming with its subsequent impending ecological disasters, but what’s the real story? Spin the Globe in any direction to see the state of the earth from any angle. The layers that spin across the globe are gathered over the latest 30 days giving you a near-real time glimpse of the state of the earth. My fave layer is Earth Lights – Looking at the Earth as it appears when darkness falls across the globe and the lights come on. Make sure you check the red and pink dots.

Yahoo Video Yahoo Video – Competing with YouTube on the video crowd can be quite a tough task. Most people I know (including me) go instantly to YouTube when searching for a video. Lets be open minded and try a new service brought to us from an old dog 😉 that seems to be learning new tricks. I tested the new Yahoo Video by comparing Yahoo – Ayo Technology vs YouTube – Ayo Technology. The content is the same but in my opinion Yahoo beated YouTube by far – The widescreen window is simply more enjoyable. Which service do you prefer? Are you a twitter follower? Follow me following yvideoblog.

REM SuperNatural SuperSerious REM SuperNatural SuperSerious – This is simply amazing. I have always considered REM as innovators in the music field however this time they have blown my head off!!! REM have launched their new music clip as 12 different video clips – same song, different clips. Feel like editing and composing your own REM clip – Go ahead and download all clips and start editing or simply watch the Supernatural Superserious Mashups posted by others on YouTube.

Bragster Bragster – A friend of mine brags all the time – I can ride a bike for 1 hour without touching the handlebars, he was so serious about it that he actually decided to do it and confirmed his achievement by recording it for the Guinness World Records. But most people aren’t so crazy about their bragging, they just brag and the rest is history, now they have a place to test their limits. Don’t hesitate – How many pegs can one fit on his face?

Super Cook Super Cook – Supercook is a new recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with the ingredients you have at home. To begin, simply start adding ingredients you have. The more ingredients you add, the better the results will be. I am hungry, therefore I decided to test the site and entered the stuff I have – chicken breast, mushrooms and white wine. The result – Chicken with Mushroom Gravy. I didn’t prepare it yet but it seems that the preparation is simple and the outcome would be tasty. This site is perfect for uncreative food cookers, asking themselves what can we cook from basic ingredients. Enjoy the unexpected dish!

Protagonize Protagonize – When I was a teenager my buddies and I would camp a lot. At night we would sit around the bonfire and talk about almost everything, once we finished saving the world, we started making up stories, one would start a story and the rest (in turns) would take it from that point to mysterious directions. Protagonize is a creative writing community dedicated to writing various forms of collaborative, interactive fiction. One author writes a story, and others post branches or chapters to it in different directions. The result is an organic, evolving story where everyone can participate.

The Point The Point – These guys have a point. If something bothers you, find enough people that suffer from the same problem and unite in order to solve the problem. The only problem the site has is that at the moment they don’t have enough visitors in order to truly have an impact but the idea is cool and I hope they will have enough visitors to make a change.

Boom Shine Boom Shine – An ingenuous game that takes just one click of the mouse to win each level. Place your click in the right place and watch the BoomShine chain reaction.

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