Time Video – Undisputed Quality Videos

Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2009 by

timevideo Time Video – What happens when a long-established media giant expands its content coverage to the world of video? In short, we’re talking about a blessed explosion of superb, entertaining visuals. Time is one of the most recognized magazines and content providers in the world, and we’re all familiar with its publicity magnitude potential induced by having one’s face on the Time cover. This has become a sought-after achievement in itself.

So when the famous magazine decided to embark on the video path of modern media, people wondered if Time will achieve the same impact as it had with its print and online magazines. As a person who’s not a religious TIME reader, I was blown away by their video portal. It exceeded my expectations in every possible aspect; the videos, although generated by YouTube, are in excellent quality, present fascinating stories and cover almost every field known to man. To give you a taste of the Time Video power, below are my personal favorites: Best Inventions of 2009, The Future of Green Cities in a Swedish Eco-Town and The Life (and Death Threats) of an Outspoken Afghan Woman.

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