Gajitz – Creative Concoctions of Technology and Sophistication

Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2009 by

gajitz Gajitz – Warning: this unique blog will get you hooked. It’s a divine resource of ultra-innovative technology, gadgets and scientific discoveries, all wrapped up in chic posts and photos, and top notch content. Creators Kurt Kohlstedt (who also brings us, featured on our Weekly Faves a few weeks ago) and Delana Banres do an excellent job in presenting “objects, finds and designs that defy particular typologies, wander away from convention and are more than merely consumable objects.”

Gajitz covers so much more than what’s implied in the name; it touches on many other fields such as transportation, vintage & retro technology, and science, just to name a few. No doubt, this superb blog doesn’t dwell on mainstream technological news and gadgets – why should it? If you’re interested in a deeper, more refined and original coverage of the forefront of technology, click on the Gajitz logo and enjoy the ride. My favorite posts include Reinventing the Wheel(chair): Weelchair Climbs Stairs, Ditch that Woofer: Invisible Speakers Will Rock Your World and Before Photoshop: 7 Photo Edits that Literally Made History.

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