Three Frames – Less is All You Need

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 by

threeframes Three Frames – Three shots of a motion picture or an animation might seem too few to be interesting, but this hilarious website proves that less is, indeed, more. More smirks and giggles, that is. The concept of Three Frames is straightforward. It’s a simple list of random, three framed pics of different movie scenes, documentary footage and animated shorts. Explore the world of humor, often even disgust, by scrolling down the pages of Three Frames.

To get you into the mood, see the three 3-framed creations below. Two important points ought to be noted though: the site fails to provide the required credits for the movies and footage it uses. If they get this one fixed, they might as well add a proper About Us page. And one more thing: some pictures contain nudity, so viewer discretion is advised. To see what three framed pics look like, click here.

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