2009: The Year in Pictures – Visualizing the Compelling Moments of 2009

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 by

theyearinpic 2009: The Year in Pictures – The New York Times has compiled an amazing collection of the best pictures that bear evidence of the most significant and poignant moments and events of 2009. So what’s included? If something or someone made it to the headlines and became the talk of the (global) town for more than a week, you’ll find it, her or him here. Some amazing photos in the collection include President Obama of course, the miraculous (and casualty-free) Hudson River landing of Flight 1549, the Iranian opposition masses, and the ever-shrinking landscapes of rain forests in Brazil. For loads of more brilliantly taken compelling photos, check out the entire collection from start to finish. This is also the perfect opportunity to recommend exploring the NY Times’ video section in general, as it offers amazing visual content and news worth discovering.

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