The Useless Web Button:the next Stumble Upon for pure laughs?

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 by

Tim Holman, an Aussie interactive developer has created a bizarre new website which acts as a home for the funniest and weirdest websites on the internet.

Do you have some time to waste?

Have a coffee break, need a study break, or let’s face it, just not paying attention in class? The Useless Web button was created especially for you! It is a website that leads you to other useless websites on the web, much like Nyan cat and many other Gifs. Holman created a “please” button, that once pressed, generates a new weird website each time.

This button is completely useless, but oh, so funny!!

Although these websites have absolutely no reason to be on the internet other than being absurd and silly, when you have time to waste and want some laughs, the Useless button ends up having a purpose. My coworker and I came across a dozen different sites that we have been quoting and replaying all day. Some were music videos and most were animated, interactive, and simply fun.



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